Mall Booker

Manage your mall space, kiosk activity
or RMU occupancy in a single place


Why is Mall Booker
a perfect tool for your sales team?

Mall Booker is a fast, simple and easy solution to managing the day to day diary of a busy shopping mall with multiple locations or a team looking after multiple venues with many locations, it’s all online and can be accessed on a variety of devices, including mobile. All you need is an internet connection and a web brower.   Mall Booker allows you to track income, by venue, location, week and month making this a powerful reporting tool for you and your team. You can also see in real time the gaps in your occupancy allowing you to target your sales drive in a much more focused way.
With Mall Booker you can access information at the touch of a button, giving you real time information and speeding up the sales process with a potential occupant.   Commercialisation Agencies, Shopping Malls and Marketing Staff across the globe are already using Mallbooker. Be a part of the booking revolution and register for a 30 days trial.

Do you look after just a few
locations or manages lots of venues?

30-day free trial
Perfect for small and medium businesses, agencies and self-managed office space owners. Branded solution for large corporations, government entities and internal agencies.
Up to 10 Venues
Up to 20 Locations per Venue
Up to 5 Team Members
Unlimited Venues
Unlimited Locations per Venue
Unlimited Team Members
Branded Interface

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